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Welfare Units

Welfare Units


It is now a requirement for construction sites to provide clean and safe welfare facilities for workers. In order to ensure the comfort of staff, all welfare units must be fully equipped with washing, seating, and changing amenities.

The days of workers having to clean their own welfare units are a thing of the past, with the vast majority of construction companies outsourcing cleaning responsibilities to experienced specialists such as ourselves. PPC understands how important it is for construction site workers to have access to welfare facilities that are clean and safe. Simply put – if the quality of your welfare facilities is compromised, then the quality of your work is also compromised as a result. That’s why PPC provides a specialised welfare unit cleaning service designed to ensure that your construction company can do its best work possible, without having the additional concerns of managing your welfare facilities pile up.

Our high level cleaning service incorporates the hygiene management of all varieties of welfare unit – we are comfortable handling the requirements of everything from small portalable toilets to large complexes of welfare cabins. PPC is able to offer our services to construction projects of any length, and can clean your facilities as frequently as you require. Our comms team will warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and will construct a comprehensive cleaning package that will align with your requirements. We guarantee excellent rates and provide fully trained cleaning professionals completely equipped with our state of the art sanitation technology. All the work that we do is in full accordance with the latest UK Health and Safety regulations, and we operate with respect for environmental requirements and use only the safest and most efficient means of waste disposal.

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