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Stains that accumulate on the inside of ovens and similar kitchen appliances can be very difficult and time consuming to completely remove without professional help. PPC Cleaning Services offer a highly effective professional oven and kitchen appliance cleaning service that will restore your appliances to their original sparkling best. We offer excellent rates and provide all our own specialist equipment to guarantee that the cleaning work will be done efficiently and effectively.

PPC offers a professional oven cleaning service to get your oven looking good as new. After stripping down the oven we use a mixture of heat and chemicals in the back of our vans to remove the built up grime and restore your oven to its original clean condition. This service can take several hours, but the results are always worth it.

It is very common for grease, dirt, burnt on stains and similar blemishes to accumulate over time as kitchen appliances are typically used on an almost daily basis. Using powerful cleaning agents such as bleach can pose health hazards if administered in the wrong way. All members our elite cleaning teams are highly experienced and well versed in the correct and safest protocol when it comes to using noxious and potentially toxic cleaning agents. Spare yourself the risk and hassle – our team will be eager to demonstrate our deep cleanings skills, it’s what we do best!

PPC also provides oven cleaning and similar services to non-domestic kitchen settings such as industrial kitchens and professional kitchens. It can be an overwhelming job to tackle accumulated stains and dirt across a large kitchen unit, or even a large series of units. We offer a service that can adjust around your schedule – working before or after business house, let us know what works best for you. Our teams are also large enough to get more sizeable cleaning operations taken care of in an efficient, discrete and highly effective manner. Contact our comms team today who will warmly welcome the opportunity to assemble a comprehensive cleaning package that will satisfy all your specific requirements. Everything we do at PPC is in full accordance with the latest UK Health and Safety recommendations and regulations, and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible rates to our valued customers.

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