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High Reach Cleaning

High Reach Cleaning


PPC Cleaning Services provides a specialised high level cleaning service, utilising our state of the art high access cleaning equipment and technology, which we offer at excellent rates. We fully understand the risks and concerns related to high level cleaning – undertaking any kind of work at precarious and unstable heights demands extra care in order to ensure the safety of all staff, clientele and visitors. Everything we do at PPC is in full accordance with the latest UK Health and Safety recommendations and regulations – you can rest assured that when you take on our services, you will receive a sensitive, professional and highly efficient service.

PPC has extensive experience with high level cleaning in venues and spaces such as warehouses, schools and factories. We operate several pieces of high level equipment that allow us to clean and hoover up to 30ft, which enables us to safely access the vast majority of high level access areas. We also have IPAF and Pasma trained operators that are able to use specialist high access equipment or mobile towers if necessary.

High level cleaning is frequently an essential component of the perfect deep clean, and is also an important measure to take to ensure hard to access regions of your property remain secure and sanitary. It is understandable that dust and debris can accumulate in areas that receive less frequent attention and exposure due to their being out of reach or just generally less accessible. The same applies to unwanted scratches and blemishes that may go unnoticed for longer as they are typically out of sight and therefore out of mind. Our elite cleaning teams will access all such areas of your property, ensuring a complete and thorough clean that leaves no areas neglected, not matter how difficult they are to reach.

Call our comms team today who will warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss the specific requirements of your high level cleaning service. We offer a free site survey, and will assemble a comprehensive cleaning package to satisfy your requirements in full.




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