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Common Way Cleaning

Common Way Cleaning


PPC offer specialised cleaning solutions for all types of common ways, walkways and communal areas.

It is especially important to ensure that areas that experience the highest amount of human thoroughfare and traffic are also the areas that are cleaned and sterilised the most often. Large, small or medium-sized – our elite cleaning teams are able to operate with efficiency, discretion and the latest in specialist cleaning and disinfection technology in common areas of any size and shape.

The present circumstances caused by COVID-19/Coronavirus demand that workplaces be fully cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and frequently. PPC are on hand to maintain the safest possible working environment for you and your staff during this time. We have the means and personnel to deliver versatile and innovative cleaning solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your workplace. Our comms team will welcome the opportunity to discuss these details with you, offer a free site survey, and design a bespoke cleaning package suited to your specifics.

Every member of our elite cleaning teams arrive to each job fully briefed on your requirements and are fully aware of the importance of their role disinfecting and cleaning the spaces you, your staff and clients use every day. We ensure that the objects and surfaces that are most commonly touched the most – such as door handles, handrails, tables, chairs, shared items and equipment – are paid extra careful attention to. The forensic nature of decontamination requires time, care and focus – qualities that PPC guarantees across all the work that we do for our customers.

Common way cleaning and disinfection services we offer include:

Hoovering and carpet cleaning – removing staining, dust and debris

Lift/elevator clean – disinfecting doors, buttons, all inside and outside surfaces

Mopping – hard floors, maintaining upkeep of skirting boards

Wiping and sterilising – all doors (surfaces, frames and hinges), main entrance door

Cleaning and disinfecting – all common way areas, including receptions, kitchens, toilet/washroom areas

Everything we do here at PPC is always in full compliance with the latest UK Health and Safety regulations and recommendations. We make sure to keep in regular contact with all our clients and warmly welcome any and all feedback you may have.

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