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The carpet or rug in your home or business premises can act as a filter that absorbs and traps considerable amounts of dust and debris. It is important to deep clean such soft furnishings on a regular basis, as trapped dirt can lead to unsanitary conditions and can leave embedded stains on the carpet or rug itself. PPC Cleaning Services provide a specialist carpet cleaning service that utilises our high tech carpet stain removal and hoovering equipment.

For carpet and upholstery cleaning at excellent rates, contact our comms team today who will welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and compose a comprehensive cleaning package tailored to your specific needs. Dust, dirt and allergen particles that become enmeshed within your carpet are difficult to completely remove with domestic hoovers, and you can only guarantee a complete and thorough deep clean using professional carpet cleaning methods such as steaming and chemical scrubbing. Rest assured that these methods are completely safe and will not stain or alter the quality of you carpet or rug in any way whatsoever. Our carpet cleaner penetrates deep into the fibres of the carpets with a powerful cleaning and stain removing solution before sucking it up – leaving the carpet thoroughly cleaned.

All the work we do is in complete accordance with the latest UK Health and Safety regulations and recommendations. Others services provided by PPC that incorporate carpet cleaning include: Stain Removal, Rug Cleaning and End of Tenancy clean.

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