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Builders Clean

Builders Clean


The mess left after a building project can be difficult to deal with, and can be especially overwhelming if you don’t have adequate time before handing the site over to new tenants or owners. That’s why PPC Cleaning Services provides a specialised builders clean service to remove all the dirt and debris that remains in an area after being subjected to building work. Our elite cleaning teams excel in restoring newly refurbished spaces of all sizes and shapes to their pristine best.

PPC provides a range of cleaning solutions tailored to the requirements of spaces recently refurbished by builders. We provide all our own state of the art cleaning equipment which will completely eliminate all traces of leftover dirt and dust, ensuring that your building can be handed over in perfect condition for its new owners and/or occupants.

We offer a ceiling to floor after builders clean service. This means that we will be able to completely clean and decontaminate all areas of your premises, top to bottom. All members of our elite cleaning teams are fully trained in infection prevention, and are thus extra diligent in making sure your building will be handed over in a sterilised, sanitary condition.

Our comprehensive cleaning methods, tackling both surface blemishes and eliminating deeper staining and germs, combined with our excellent rates, put PPC head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to an important, sensitive task such as an after builders clean.

PPC tailors each cleaning job to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Our comms team will warmly welcome the opportunity to assemble a comprehensive cleaning package to suit your specifics.

Examples of buildings that best suit our after builders clean service include:

New Build Properties:

PPC has extensive knowledge and experience of working for new build housing companies, so we are in an unparalleled position to understand how best to clean such buildings. We understand what is required to make sure that these properties are properly cleaned and prepared for their new owners/occupants to move in. Our after builders clean will also provide you with the peace of mind that there are no underlying faults or issues with the property that may have as yet passed under the radar – our diligent staff will go over every area thoroughly and will be able to identify and tackle any problems that need to be addressed as part of the job.

For example, we often find that decorators and/or builders have used sinks and toilets to clean brushes and equipment – these can be frequently left on the newly fitted bath appliances, leaving markings and stains. Large amounts of dust are also often left on top of new kitchen cabinets, along with brick dust and stickers on newly fitted windows. Our experienced cleaning teams know to look for such issues, and arrive to each job fully equipped with the latest in cleaning technology. We understand that these are the things that can really make the difference on a property so that any new tenant moving in knows that the property has been fully cleaned and is ready to become their new home.


Cleaning large industrial spaces can often pose logistical problems for many cleaning companies due to the time and staff required to deliver the project. Cleaners are often the last people on the site before the building is handed over and more often than not have a very short window of time to get the premises looking its best for its new occupiers. We understand these pressures and make sure to prepare and adapt our cleaning solutions to optimise the speed and quality of our cleaning solutions – all of which are carefully planned out beforehand.

We have qualified site supervisors that are able to work with project managers to create realistic timescales and delivery options to ensure we provide a safe, manageable and cost effective cleaning solution for your building. We are able to provide large teams to administer after builders cleans to large warehouses and similar industrial spaces, without compromising on the quality, discretion and efficiency of our work.


Office refurbishment can impede business operations if your colleagues return to a messy, dishevelled environment after the completion building work. PPC have extensive experience in cleaning office spaces and this expertise can be applied to our after builders clean service. Our cleaning teams understand which areas to focus on, and are fully aware of the importance of deep cleaning in such scenarios, where lots of dirt and dust may be buried in carpets, floors and other surfaces – posing a risk for asthmatics, in addition to compromising sanitation.

All the work that we do is in complete accordance with the latest environmental and regulatory standards.

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